Infinity Hologram

The Infinity, Polar’s holographic projection device, is a new innovative way to experience how you view content. Designed by our engineers here at Polar, the Infinity works to involve the user in a semi-interactive 3D viewing area capable of displaying images from apps and controlling it with either an external computer or the existing control panel. You can’t simply use the Infinity, one must experience what the Infinity is capable of.

Imagine the Possibilities

The Infinity Hologram by Polar is truly a one of a kind device. With endless possibilities, the Infinity is a powerful tool for the future. Developers can easily create apps for our devices and anyone can download amazing apps with a few simple clicks from the Relay Store. Game in a whole new dimension, binding reality and fiction together like never before. Develop products free from the restriction of the past and learn hands on with an interactive platform. The Infinity is the future capable of doing anything you could ever imagine.

Design Philosophy

We are a team of engineers, designers, and programmers who believe the elegance and craftmanship has been sucked out of technology. Our mission is to reimagine technology in a way that fully immerses you in it. We believe in every single detail of every pixel, every voxel, and every inch. Here at Polar we take pride in design and ingenuity and it will show in our amazing products.

Seeing is Believing

The Infinity hologram is a dream machine, making anything you can imagine come to life. From product models in 3D you can look at, to ancient history at the touch of your fingertips. Use the Relay Store to download apps to your hologram with one click and explore a world of possibilities.


Building the Infinity

We are currently in the process of building the Infinity. We have created many prototypes and have many working models, but still don't have a perfect product and will settle for nothing less than perfect. As we get closer to a final product we will keep all of you amazing people update and we would love it if you followed us on all of our social media.